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Product information

  • Category: E-Vehicle
  • Solution: VCU, BMS, DC-DC, Charger, Telematics

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Going forward electric vehicles will rule the automotive markets, EDS already have proven solutions in this field with patented technologies and highly efficient designs to rule the upcoming markets. EDS have ready solutions for Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), Battery Managment System (BMS), DC-DC Conbverter, Battery Charger

E-Rickshaw Charger 600W To 1200W Design

  • Wide Input Operating Voltage : 140VAC to 270VAC
  • Current 3A – 20A
  • Shutdown and Auto recovery from abnormal High and low Input Voltage.
  • Designed to work for all Utilities ( viz.. 440V withstand optional)
  • Compatible to work with harsh Industrial environment line conditions
  • Built-in active intelligent PFC function
  • Power Factor >0.98
  • High efficiency up to 92%
  • Warranty: 2years/LIFE TIME (Subjected to Warranty Clause)
  • Immune to High surge stress up to 6KV with 3KA surge current.
  • Protections: Open, Short circuit / Over current/ Over voltage / Under Voltage

Battery Managment System

  • Monitors batteries on 6 key parameters including voltage, temperature, current, State of Charge, State of Health , and battery status
  • Built in 24/7 intelligence for battery state recognition and comparable impedance readings
  • Remote access from anywhere through the cloud
  • Frequent reports and analytics can be generated to understand battery and vehicle performance and efficiency
  • Automatic capture and recording of data during float, charge, and discharge
  • Option for fully integration with the Cloud
  • Monitoring of battery data and location through phone application
  • Designed specifically for battery powered electric vehicle
  • It is cost-effective, customizable, ultra-efficient and high current power sources using all Lithium Ion chemistry batteries. It is System for 6 to 16 cell Battery Packs.
  • Its health(Alerts/Warning/Status) and location can be monitored remotely
BMS Datasheet

Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

  • Single Unit for Control diagnose/ Monitoring
  • Live Tracking
  • Interactive Comm. With user
  • COTA / FOTA Supported
  • Sustainable for Environment, Compliance to Best Available Standards of safety, Emission and Susceptibility
  • Single Solution to handle entire vehicle operation
  • Light weight, High Speed, CAN, BLE enabled
  • Latest Safety features like smart/remote lock-unlock, Anti theft, Side Stand, Charging, High Speed, Ignition, Battery Status Alerts
  • Smart Speed Control (Cruise /Drift/Reverse) Modes
  • Inbuilt Tracking Solution to get location info from anywhere.